Justinmind v6.4.1更新带来最新的IOS8元件

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With this update, you are getting a nice beautiful set of more than 400 widgets for iOS8 specially crafted by our designers. Our widget library is entirely customizable to allow precision scaling and maximum quality, at any size. We also have embedded our icons in web-font to help you edit color, size and shadows in no time.

Justinmind IOS8 UI Widget Library
Our newest iOS library comes preloaded in our Pro edition and is extremely useful, not only because all widgets follow Apple’s guidelines but because it also includes a set of fully functional, pre-designed iOS screens that you can easily make your own –all of our widgets and icons look great in any type of app or website prototype.



We’ve also added some user-requested features.


Set font size using decimals 支持用小数设置字体大小鸟!

Starting with this update you can make the font size in your prototype as accurate as you need it to be.



Parallax UI widget library 视差滚动元件库
Our parallax library includes plenty of different ready-to-use-parallax-effect widgets ready to be drag and dropped to your prototype .我们的视差滚动元件库包含了各种刘波的视差滚动效果元件,快去应用于你的原型吧!


V6.4.1 includes a variety of bug fixes, improvements and features. Check out the details:


  • Set font sizes using decimals.支持用小数设置字体大小
  • New visibility property of an element to build expressions。新的元件建立表达式时的可见属性。
  • New x/y absolute position property of an element to build expressions 新的X/Y绝对位置属性
  • Updated the iOS scrolling for mobile to “inertial scrolling”
  • Fixed font size compatibility between Justinmind editor and HTML
  • Improved memory and performance in Teamwork
  • New iOS 8 widget library
  • New Parallax widget library

Update to v6.4.1 and have a little fun -it’s free! As always we’ll be listening closely to your feedback so keep it coming.