Justinmind 6.5: 新的数据网格和数据列表驱动的原型

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Justinmind 6.5: Data-Driven Prototyping with new Datagrid and Datalist

A new update for Justinmind is now available. There are some things in this update that will certainly make you a happier Justinmind user!


Justinmind v6.5 includes a new DataGrid feature, an updated iOS UI library for the iPhone 6 Plus as well as usability enhancements and important bug fixes – it is a minor release from version 6.4.1 and is overall of the maintenance kind. For those of you that contacted us about the retina display bug, it’s fixed –finally!

Justinmind v6.5包含了一个新的数据网格功能,升级了iPhome 6 plus的iOS风格组件,增强了可用性和一些重要的BUG修复。这是一次V6.4.1的小版本升级。那些你们反馈说retina显示的BUG,这次也修复了!

Transform your Data Masters into great-looking Grids or Lists


Starting with this update a new layout option will be able for you to present your data information. This added feature comes with a small change in the nomenclature of the features: the existing “DataGrid” feature from our previous versions is now under “DataList” because it was really a list-only layout. And you’ll find the new data layout feature under “DataGrid”.



“The new grid layout lets you add well-designed grids easier, faster and more efficiently to your prototypes”



The DataGrid feature allows you to display the information from your Data Master in a grid. The grid not only structures your information but it also gives you more room to style it. For instance, you can manage the orientation of your layout and set the number of rows when it’s vertical and columns when it’s horizontal. There are plenty of features and functions that can help you increase their usability and take advantage of modern browsers and responsive design. The grid display works great for visual information such as items in a shopping website or mobile app.


DataList allows you to display the information from your Data Master in a list. The list display structures your information by rows and it works wonderfully for financial applications, annual reports, or if you have long lists of informative data that is best presented in a table.


Filtering, paginating, sorting and fast editing are some of the functionalities available to help you enhance and convey your dataset content efficiently in both DataLists and DataGrids.


We highly recommend you check out the grid, it is a powerful prototyping feature that you’ll come to know and love!




We’ve also been working hard to  make Justinmind the easiest tool to create web and mobile prototypes. If you are using Justinmind for the first time, check out our initial user onboarding tips.



Updated iOS8 UI library


Because our iOS8 UI library was so well received by you guys, we have updated it and added widgets specially crafted for mobile app prototypes for the iPhone 6 Plus. If you select the iPhone 6 Plus as your default device, its widget library will automatically appear under your widgets panel. Just as the rest of our libraries, these widgets follow Apple’s guidelines and are ready to use and easy to customize .  See the full list of IOS8 Widgets.

我们为iphone6 plus添加了移动应用的小部件,如果您选择了iPhone6 plus为默认设备,它的部件库会自动出现在你的部件库中。

V6.5 also includes the following changes:

  • Added initial overview
  • Fixed small font in OSX with retina display
  • Fixed Expand/Collapse: remain on your current screen when expanding/collapsing all the nodes in a tree
  • Fixed custom colors deletion
  • Fixed other minor bugs
  • Usability improvements
  • Embedded JRE in the OSX version to avoid that annoying Java dialog


  • 添加使用指导;
  • 在OSX与Retina显示屏上修复小字体;
  • 修复展开/收起:让展开/折叠的所有节点保持在你的当前屏幕上;
  • 修复自定义颜色的缺失;
  • 修复其他小错误;
  • 使用体验的改进;
  • 在OSX版本中,嵌入JRE,避免烦人的Java对话框。

Install the update now and get the most out of your prototypes (and enjoy your retina display)!



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